As a part of our 50th anniversary celebration, and in response to our continued need for dance, CPRD has created, or dusted off, a number of virtual offerings!

Run…Sister…Run, A Documentary

Choreographed by Cleo Parker Robinson

Music by Gordon Parks

About: Run…Sister…Run is a 30 minute documentary about Cleo’s piece focusing on Angela Davis during her trial. Angela Davis, American political activist, philosopher, academic, and author, became infamous when her gun was found at the scene of a crime that killed a judge and three African American Men in Marin County, CA in 1970. Cleo looks at her flight from the FBI and subsequent prison time, bringing her story front and center. Angela Davis spent over a year in jail before being acquitted.


Black Angels, currently being workshopped

Choreographed by Robert Sher-Machherndl

About: This new work is being put on the CPRD Ensemble and comments on young African American’s through a foreign artist’s perspective. Black Angels began just before Covid-19 hit, and is now being sucessfully rehearsed on a virtual platform. The 11 minute film below follows Robert, Cleo on the dancers as the create this work on Zoom and with mask on in the outside Cleo Amphitheater in July 2020.

This documentary covers the creation of Run.....Sister...Run. Choreographed by Cleo Parker Robinson, music by Gordon Parks. Run....Sister....Run tells the story of Angela Davis after her gun was used in the murder of a judge and three black men in Marin County in 1970

Cool....Calm....Conversations with Cleo

Cleo Podcasts

In there early months of our Shelter in Place, a long-time vision became a reality. Having a short window when performances where completely paused, and all of us were in our homes. Cleo Parker Robinson sat down with a number of artists, educators and activists to talk. Moderated by long-time CPRD Technical Director Trey Grimes, we invite you to listen to any or all of these podcasts!
Interviews include:
  • Gary Abbot, Co-Founder of Deeply Rooted Dance Theater in Chicago, and a prior CPRD Ensemble member
  • Dr. Rachel Harding, Associate Professor of Indigenous Spiritual Traditions in the Department of Ethnic Studies at the University of Colorado Denver
  • Dr. Harvey Milkman, From September 1992 – June 2002, he was author, principal investigator and director of Project Self-Discovery: Artistic Alternatives for At-Risk Youth, a national demonstration model that included Cleo Parker Robinson and the importance of Dance in reshaping young minds and bodies.
These Podcast are 100% free and range in length from 10 to 30 minutes.

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