For many on this list, this will be the first live audience in over a year! Come out and celebrate arts, dance, and culture with us!

Although some groups will not perform at all three shows we have curated each show for maximum enjoyment. Companies include;

  • Ballet Ariel
  • Breaking Barriers
  • Cleo Parker Robinson Dance Ensemble
  • Cleo Parker Robinson Second Company
  • Edgar L. Page: Feel the Movement
  • Hannah Khan Dance Company
  • House Party
  • Moraporvida Dance Company
  • Mudra Dance Studio
  • NU-World Contemporary
  • Samba Colorado
  • Thomas Dance Project

Other Performers

  • Bboy Factory – Friday from 6-7pm, come experience the magic of Breakin and Hip Hop by Denver’s best.
  • UCA – Saturday 6-7pm attendees can watch and participate in an Afro-Brazilian Capoeira roda with live music and movement.