This Virtual Village page connects you with our newest feature, Cool…Calm…Conversations with Cleo! Featuring podcasts, performance and documentary excerpts, and other exciting opportunities to learn more about the 50-year legacy of Cleo Parker Robinson Dance (CPRD), along with inspiring insights and relevant information!  New offerings will be added weekly!

Cleo’s guests will include CPRD Alumni, Founders, Staff, Directors, and Board Members, as well as diverse artists and activists, community leaders, health and medical professionals.

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"Run...Sister...Run" The Documentary

Choreographed by Cleo Parker Robinson

Music by Gordon Parks

About: Run…Sister…Run is a 30 minute documentary about Cleo’s piece focusing on Angela Davis during her trial. Angela Davis, American political activist, philosopher, academic, and author, became infamous when her gun was found at the scene of a crime that killed a judge and three African American Men in Marin County, CA in 1970. Cleo looks at her flight from the FBI and subsequent prison time, bringing her story front and center. Angela Davis spent over a year in jail before being acquitted.

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