Join in our Cleo Parker Robinson Dance Academy classes and explore the exciting and diverse aspects of dance! Whether just beginning or well into your journey through movement, we will ignite the dancer in you!

Cleo Parker Robinson Dance launches Cyber Dance 2020!

Beginning the last week of March 2020, we’ll be taking a nimble step into cyberspace to keep the Cleo Parker Robinson Dance (CPRD) community active, connected, and uplifted during the COVID-19 pandemic. The teaching artists of CPRD are about to launch Cyber Dance 2020, a range of online education options.

CPRD’s Cyber Dance 2020 begins an ongoing series of classes and movement activities, serving all ages and levels of ability. We understand that each of you are in unique financial situations, so for these virtual options we have installed “Pick Your Price”, allowing you to support our artists and your own health and well-being at a price that works for you. Once you pay for access to one link, you will have unlimited access to that link as long as we have it posted! Any questions contact Amelia Dietz at

Considering the thousands of metro-area Elementary, Middle School, and High school students who receive dance instruction through the CPRD Educational Outreach programs, the CPRD Cyber Dance 2020 program will also be able to share links with our school partners during school shutdowns. Contact Shelby Jarosz at if you are an educator interested in these services.

To access Cyber Dance 2020 first click below, check out our classes, then head to the Purchase Classes tab and purchase as many classes (or links) as you and your family would like!

Welcome to the new Cleo Parker Robinson Dance podcast series! This series will feature a diversity of uplifting and informative conversations with not only Cleo Parker Robinson, Founder and Artistic Director of the nearly 50-year-old Cleo Parker Robinson Dance, but also some of the most respected and influential people in the arts – dance, music, theatre, and artistic technical innovation. From front-of-house to back-stage, from Denver to locales around the world…. we’ll take you there, with new guests and new conversations every week!

Like all of Colorado, these weeks of closures and shelter-in-place have devastated our budget and our programs. However, our staff is working diligently to pivot quickly and effectively in the virtual world to physically distance ourselves from one another while staying socially connected. Our goal is to keep our students’ minds stimulated and their bodies moving, while enabling tour communities to feel connected to activities that are a source of inspiration and hope.

Are you able to support CPRD’s artists and programing through a donation of any amount? If so, please click below or contact Hillary Harding at

Creative Academy Hip Hop/STREAM Camp

  • $350 for 1 Student
  • $550 for 2 Students
  • $20 Registration Fee Per Student
  • 8:30am-3pm Monday-Friday
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ISDI Children's Global Camp

  • $350 for 1 Student
  • $550 for 2 Students
  • $20 Registration Fee Per Student
  • 8:30am-3pm Monday-Friday
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First come, first serve registration.

  • $840 for 40 Master Classes
  • $20 Registration Fee

Teachers Confirmed:

  • Cleo Parker Robinson
  • Chloe-Grant Abel
  • Cat Foster
  • Jacob Mora
  • 4 more to come!
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Join us for year round for classes!

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Register for Creative Academy (June 8-12) or ISDI (June 29-July 24)

Class Offerings

Classes for All Ages and Levels

Cleo Parker Robinson Dance Academy provides training for students as young as one years old. The CPRD School provides a comprehensive training schedule for both professionals and pre-professionals. If you are looking for something with less commitment that’s ok, too. Cleo Parker Robinson Dance Academy is all drop-in. Students receive training from top instructors in the Rocky Mountain region and beyond, and often train under the tutelage of CPRD Ensemble members.

2020 ACADEMY CLOSURES (see our updates during COVID-19 closures)

  • January 20
  • May 25
  • July 4
  • July 26-31, Open August 1st!
  • September 7
  • November 26-27
  • December 20-Jan 3, 2021

CPRD Training Track and CPRD Youth Ensembles

The CPRD Training Track is a program designed for students pursuing dance on a collegiate level, as a career or who want the benefit of a structured training program.

Proven dedication in this program allows students the opportunity to be invited into rehearsal for our Youth Ensembles.

Students admitted into the CPRD Youth Ensemble have opportunities to perform in main stage productions in addition to showcases for festivals and events throughout the year.

Pre-Training Track ages 6-8

Junior Training Track ages 9-12

Youth Training Track ages 13-21

2018 Academy Pricing

Drop-in rate:

  • 45-min $10,    60-90 min $15

10 Class Bundle:

  • 45-min $70,    60-90 min $120

Extra 10 Class Bundle:

  • 45-min $60,    60-90 min $110

Unlimited Monthly Pass:

  • Teen/Adult $175,    Child Full Week $150,    Child Saturday Only $100


Dance and Movement Fitness Classes

Cleo Parker Robinson Dance Academy provides a selection of fitness classes to suit your personal fitness goals. Whether you are looking to build core, endurance or you just want to have fun, we have the class for you. Join us for Zumba, Hip Hop, West African Dance, Dance Workout and More.

Click on the two links below to see the wide array of class options and genres!


CPRD/MSUD Dance Major

The MSU Denver Dance major is unique in its versatility and in its partnership with Cleo Parker Robinson Dance (CPRD). CPRD is recognized worldwide for their dynamic cross-cultural curriculum, community engagement, innovative choreography, and promotion of American dance heritage. In this exciting program, CPRD’s mission of social transformation through dance and MSU Denver’s academic rigor and focus on real-world experience converge.

The dance curriculum includes coursework in modern, jazz, ballet, hip-hop, tap, world dance forms, world dance history and culture, community-based dance practices, somatics and anatomy, pedagogy, improvisation, choreography, contemporary dance and interdisciplinary performance, movement analysis, dance production, and arts administration. The Dance Program allows students to combine their interest in dance with other fields, taking classes in non-profit management, teaching or arts administration, among others. The program will utilize service learning, field experience, and internship programs to enrich students’ learning and to foster a connection between MSU and its student body and the Denver community. We aim to prepare students for their future in dance and beyond, supporting their specific career and educational goals through concrete learning experiences and creative exploration.

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