Cleo Parker Robinson Dance Cyber Dance 2020!

Beginning the last week of March 2020, we’ll be taking a nimble step into cyberspace to keep the Cleo Parker Robinson Dance (CPRD) community active, connected, and uplifted during the COVID19 pandemic. The teaching artists of CPRD are about to launch Cyber Dance 2020, a range of online education options.

CPRD’s Cyber Dance 2020 begins an ongoing series of classes and movement activities, serving all ages and levels of ability. Live Academy classes will be conducted over Zoom and are $10 per household. We understand that each of you are in unique financial situations, so for these pre-recorded class options we have installed “Pick Your Price”, allowing you to support our artists and your own health and well-being at a price that works for you. Any questions contact Amelia Dietz at

Considering the thousands of metro-area Elementary, Middle School, and High school students who receive dance instruction through the CPRD Educational Outreach programs, the CPRD Cyber Dance 2020 program will also be able to share links with our school partners during school shutdowns. Contact Shelby Jarosz at if you are an educator interested in these services.

To access Cyber Dance 2020 first click below, check out our classes, then head to the Purchase Classes tab and purchase as many classes (or links) as you and your family would like!

Like all of Colorado, these weeks of closures and shelter-in-place have devastated our budget and our programs. However, our staff is working diligently to pivot quickly and effectively in the virtual world to physically distance ourselves from one another while staying socially connected. Our goal is to keep our students’ minds stimulated and their bodies moving, while enabling our communities to feel connected to activities that are a source of inspiration and hope.
Are you able to support CPRD’s artists and programing through a donation of any amount? if so, please contact Hillary Harding at

CPRD/MSUD Dance Major

The MSU Denver Dance major is unique in its versatility and in its partnership with Cleo Parker Robinson Dance (CPRD). CPRD is recognized worldwide for their dynamic cross-cultural curriculum, community engagement, innovative choreography, and promotion of American dance heritage. In this exciting program, CPRD’s mission of social transformation through dance and MSU Denver’s academic rigor and focus on real-world experience converge.

The dance curriculum includes coursework in modern, jazz, ballet, hip-hop, tap, world dance forms, world dance history and culture, community-based dance practices, somatics and anatomy, pedagogy, improvisation, choreography, contemporary dance and interdisciplinary performance, movement analysis, dance production, and arts administration. The Dance Program allows students to combine their interest in dance with other fields, taking classes in non-profit management, teaching or arts administration, among others. The program will utilize service learning, field experience, and internship programs to enrich students’ learning and to foster a connection between MSU and its student body and the Denver community. We aim to prepare students for their future in dance and beyond, supporting their specific career and educational goals through concrete learning experiences and creative exploration.

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