Edgar and Chris FusionCleo Parker Robinson Dance Ensemble is internationally esteemed as one of America’s foremost modern dance companies. Under the direction of Cleo Parker Robinson, the Ensemble performs a dynamic body of works inspired by the African American experience and rooted in ethnic and modern dance traditions worldwide. Legendary and emerging artists alike are drawn by the spirit of the company to create works that transcend the boundaries of culture, class and age while unequivocally communicating the complexity of the human condition. Seen by an estimated 2,000,000 fans throughout the United States and more than 40 countries on five continents, CPRDE continues to be a leader in dance innovation and the promotion of American dance heritage.

CPRD Ensemble members are a key component to our outreach programs—performing thousands of hours of outreach in our local community and beyond.

CPRD Ensemble Members

Chloe-Grant Abel

Corey Boatner

Jasmine Francisco

Ralaya Goshea

YooJung Hahm

Cedric D. Hall

Tyveze Littlejohn

Samiyah Lynnice

Gabriela Maduro

Martez McKinzy

Davry Ratcliffe

John e. Roberts

Topaz von Wood

CPRD Ensemble II

Cleo II was founded in 2011 in Denver Colorado. This pre-professional/apprentice company focuses on developing young adult dancers in preparation for entering the professional field of dance. The company’s major focuses are community outreach and education, technical development and the cultivation of artistic excellence.

Rashad Crane

Dennzyl Green

Emily Poli

Sadie Sandoval

Dominique Willis

For information regarding national and international touring, special event and corporate performances, contact Mary Hart at 303 295 1759 x20 or mary@cleoparkerdance.org

Youth Ensembles

Cleo Parker Robinson Dance Youth Ensemble

For ages 13-19, a member of the Training Track who has demonstrated technical and artistic excellence will be selected for the Youth Ensemble. The Youth Ensemble is the performing aspect of the Training Track–they perform throughout the community as well as some CPRDE Concerts such as Granny Dances To A Holiday Drum and Dance Africa.

JYE (Cleo Parker Robinson Dance Junior Youth Ensemble)

For ages 8-13, a member of the Training Track who has demonstrated that they are performance ready and dedicated to increase their training and performance opportunities. They will also have the opportunity to perform in the community as well as some CPRDE Concerts such as Granny Dance To A Holiday Drum and Dance Africa, to name a few.