Arts in Education

Dance is a powerful medium that contributes to healthy minds and healthy bodies. According to the National Dance Educators Evidence Report:

  1. – Arts improves school climate

  2. – The arts comprehensive tasks challenge students, &

  3. – The Arts turn schools into Communities.

Since its inception, CPRD has served well over a million K-12 students in school districts throughout the Front Range. CPRD Education programs infuse arts into curriculum, which helps ignite a truly unique learning process. Through innovative lesson plans and workshop techniques, the CPRD Education Team engages students through the magic of movement and creative expression.

Students learn life-changing social and emotional skills; accountability; work ethic and teamwork. If your school would like more information please contact Shelby Jarosz at

TECHNICAL THEATRE PROGRAMMING (middle and high school age youth)

STREAM is one of CPRDs signature AIE programs and is aimed at integrating arts, media and technology. Students learn how to operate sounds and lightning boards, and high school age students can apply to be paid apprentices

For more information on sessions, cost, scholarship or program dates, contact  Trey Grimes at

Enrollments are scholarshiped after applications are approved.

STREAM is supported by AT&T, Comcast and individual donors.


CPRD is proud to announce a new, free program for our youngest dancers!

Our first Preschool Tale is based on two Latin folktales. Cuckoo and El Pescador y Su Mujer. Both pieces choreographed by CPRDE dancer Edgar Aguirre.

El Pescador ySu  Mujer

Synopsis: This is a tale about a poor family that survives on the fish caught by the husband. One  daythe husbandcatches  an enchanted fish. When his wife gets wind, she gets greedy and continually asks for more things in the hopes of finding happiness.

Moral: Be grateful for what you have.


Synopsis: This  story  finds  its  roots in Mexico where it was adapted from a Mayan Indian tale  called “The Cuckoo’s Reward.”  Cuckoois about a beautiful bird who loves to sing above all else. The other birds view her as lazy, but when she is really needed, she saves the day.

Moral:  Don’t judge a book by its cover.

Both pieces are geared to 3-5  year olds.



“Our Latinx community really seemed to be engaged in it, and I think they appreciated seeing something that they could relate to. Several students pointed out things that their grandmas have or recognized clothing items.”
“We added a stage to our classroom for them to perform stories. Many chose to be birds using materials around the classroom.”
“Students were able to relate this to traditional dances within their own culture.”
“You should be grateful for what you have here!”

Contact Shelby for more information and to receive the show & study guide. This program made possible from a PNC GROW UP GREAT grant




THE HEALING POWER OF ART (Scaleable for ages 5-18)

CPRD creates lecture demonstrations appropriate for youth in grades K-12. Our education team works to design a program that is age, style and content appropriate and  all our Arts-in-Education programs are mapped to Colorado state education standards and are in alignment with district goals.

The Healing Power of Art is the signature interactive lecture/demonstration that CPRD has created and refined over our 50-year history. Objectives include:

  • Increasing inclusive attitudes

  • Increasing feelings and actions of empathy

  • Increasing self-awareness

To find out more on our programming offerings, costs and availability, contact Shel Bachelder

CPRD Education works with
25,000 students in 80+ schools every year

We provide 250+ workshops
along the Front Range

“I wanted to thank you for our field trip dance experience on Friday.  The kids all really enjoyed it and allowed a lot of them to step out of their comfort zone.  Many children were very hesitant going into the day, but when we returned they were talking about it non-stop and telling their parents how much they truly enjoyed it.  Your instructors were top notch, very supportive, and full of energy.  This is definitely a field trip destination that will go to the top of my list!” – Andrew Krajewski, Site Director, Ridge Kids on the Move Summer Camp


2020 AIE Programming Partners;

African Leadership Group, The Arvada Center For The Performing Arts, Athena Project, Belmar Elementary School, Civic Center Conservancy, Colorado Ballet, Colorado Black Arts Festival, Colorado State Office of Health Policy & Finance, Colorado Symphony, Denver Botanic Gardens, Denver Center For The Performing Arts, Denver Health, History Colorado, Inside the Orchestra, Jacobs Pillow, Longmont Museum, Metropolitan State University of Denver, Seth M.R. Jaipuria School Patna (India), SOAR Denver Charter School, Tiempo de Fuego (Colombia), Women’s Foundation of Colorado, Worldmind Nature Immersion School

For more information on how to bring the Cleo Parker Robinson Dance Education Team into your school for an interactive program of dance and fun call (303) 295-1759 ext. 10 or e-mail